G10 Inverter Engine

Assessment of Scientific and Technological Achievements for a new generation of G-Matrikalso named “G10 inverter engine”low-frequency control technology was organized by Guangdong Light Industry Association on April 27th. During the assessment, “G10 inverter engine” independently researched and developed by Gree was assessed by professionals as reaching “World Top Level”, while Gree G10 inverter air conditioner was assessed as reaching “World Advanced Level”.

This is the first “World Top Level” inverter technology in air conditioning industry of

Air Conditioning,

As energy-saving and environmentally-friendly requirements are stricter, inverter air conditioner begins to play an important role due to its advantages such as being energy-saving, quiet and comfortable., Gree market share of inverter air conditioner has mounted up from less than 7 to more than 17%, and it will continue to go up rapidly.

However, the potential of low frequency is not fully drawn out, and the air conditioner often stops during application. How to make the compressor running stably at lower frequency so as to improve efficiency and comfort? This is not only an important research that air conditioner enterprises are focusing on, but also an internationally difficult issue for inverter air conditioner field.

As the largest professional air conditioner manufacturer, Gree has always dedicated to promoting the development of environmentally-friendly technology in domestic air conditioning industry. On the basis of G-Matrik inverter technology, Gree spent 2 years on research and finally resulted in considerable achievement in the aspect of low-frequency control. The independently developed G10 inverter engine low-frequency control technology has not only solved the vibration problem when the compressor runs at low frequency, but also realized stable running of compressor at 1Hz, so that the outdoor unit will not stop upon reaching set temperature. It has improved the efficiency, reliability and comfort of air conditioner.

During Assessment of Scientific and Technological Achievements, Professor Xu Dianguo director of expert commission and dean of electric engineering and automation school of Harbin Institute of Technology---said that Gree G10 inverter engine low-frequency control technology solved the problem of single-rotor compressor during application and reduced the production cost. It is helpful for promoting use of inverter air conditioner and for building a conservation-oriented society.

At present, Gree has filed “created in China” patent for this technology and initiated applying it to G10 inverter air conditioner.